Friday, February 13, 2009

Status Report: We have reached 50% gestation

Scans are the best! If it weren't for the fact that the medical community isn't exactly sure how much ultrasound exposure is good for the little sprog, I'd have one every week! I mean, think about it: you're looking at someone entirely new, who you can bond with and adore without braving the challenges of actual baby care (like crying for hours on end and spitting up all over your freshly cleaned dress shirt). It's also a time when you can breathe a sigh of relief because you know that right then, in that moment, everything is healthy and well. And even if they have zero personality, the ultrasound tech showers you with glorious words like "normal" and "average" - which, while you may go on to become one of those hypercompetitive parents later on, is the best news ever.

Here's the latest pics of Bubzilla:

Head & torso in profile

Left leg & foot

Bubs at boxing practice, praying, or showing off some biceps & delts action.

And according to the scan, we're having a..................BABY!! Hee hee, it's still a surprise. Sorry :)

And finally, a few things I have learned since getting pregnant:
  • You can feel sick and want to eat at the same time.
  • You are quite impressed with yourself for growing a real live baby, while also sometimes feeling pudgy and frumpy.
  • You're every desire can be played off as "what the baby wants/needs" - but only the first time around. Husbands get wise to this quickly.
  • We first-time moms get showered with lots of lovely attention, while second(etc.)-time moms get far too little. Oh sure, try doing it all again with a demanding toddler, and a baby who acts nothing like your first one!
  • You feel pleased and yet very weirded out when something starts moving inside you. Sci-fi movies come to mind.
  • For those months modesty becomes a thing of the past - at least where medical professionals are concerned. "Take off what so you can examine what? Oh sure, why not."
It's all glamour, I tells ya ;)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Are You Ready for Some Footbaaaaaaaall?!

Chad & I have been in the midst of a loooong football famine - it's literally been years since we've been able to sit down, crack open a cold one (coke, of course) and watch some good ol' NFL Monday Night Football. So we were a bit giddy when we found out that one of the cable sports networks was rebroadcasting this year's Super Bowl a few hours after it ended. Not having time to rustle up even some hot wings, we scurried over to our kiwi parents' house to sponge off their cable TV. They were actually quite interested in what was going on, and finally understood how I feel watching rugby, where it looks interesting, and you get the general aim, but the details escape you. Chad was able to field most of their questions effectively, with yours truly even coming up with useful info on the whys and wherefores of gridiron.

The balmy weather and lack of snacks and team sweatshirts were a little disconcerting, but the UPside was that the rebroadcast was commercial-free, and they even cut out the segments of the game where nothing significant happened. Even so, just the highlights ran 2 1/2 hours, so we were happy little hamsters. While some of you might bemoan missing out on the extravagantly expensive creative marketing offerings by various beer & car companies, my main concern was: when the heck are you supposed to go to the bathroom?! This problem was largely avoided in the end, as both of us had caught up on the way the game went in advance, so we pseudo-psychically knew when there was a minute or two of leeway.

Our analysis: We wanted the Cardinals to have won since we tend to pull for the underdog, but they brought much misery on themselves through silly penalties, and frankly, Pittsburgh just outplayed them. And also, Kurt Warner never smiles. I was glad to see him in another Super Bowl (and that his wife grew out that hideous butch haircut of hers) but the man has lost his ability to make facial expressions since leaving the Rams.

Kurt Warner having just thrown an interception that was returned 100 yards for a touchdown:


Kurt Warner having just thrown a touchdown pass to give his team the lead in the Super Bowl.

I guess it doesn't matter much since they probably don't offer Saturday Night Live hosting gigs to the losing quarterback.

And now, I wish you all the best and truly sympathize as you enter the difficult stretch that is life beyond football season (no, the pro bowl does not count).