Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Patience of Job?

We told our church friends we were expecting our bub in the context of a short message and video I gave at Sunday night church, which I've posted here if you care to have a look & listen.

The message was entitled "The Patience of Job?" and centers around insights I gained reading the book of Job after I'd had a miscarriage and my body went a little haywire such that we weren't sure we'd be able to have kids.

I'm no professional speaker, of course, so just try to listen fast - I do tend to speak quickly.

P.S. I recommend listening to the audio first, as it lays the groundwork for, and introduces the video.

"The Patience of Job?" Audio

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bun in the Oven

Appropriate, I think, as I do love to bake.

Well, it's official - yours truly has spent the last three months or so growing a whole other person! Yep, Baby Lehmann will be making an appearance sometime in early July, so I can say goodbye to sleeping through the night, and say hello to a kind of love that I'm told is more like a force of nature.

We've actually been wanting to have children for a little over a year now, but suffered a miscarriage last November, and some not-too-encouraging symptoms thereafter. While normally quite a private person, I felt led to tell the core membership of our small church and have them begin to pray for us. Well wouldn't you know it, the Bub is due almost exactly nine months since that day! Thank you, Lord!

I found out the day before Chad's birthday, and thus he got the news upon opening one of his birthday presents:

Surprise! You need to start saving for a college fund!

And here is a picture of our sprog:

Cute in a pixely and large-headed way, no?

Around half of the Lehmann family got to come over for a visit a month or so later, so we got to tell them as soon as they dragged their deliriously jet-lagged selves off the plane. To make things extra fun, I put in on a sign in Mad Gab lingo (props to Kayt for that idea), which read as follows:

Hay gas watt? Cherry teas half ink abe abe bee!

It took some of them longer to get than others.

When I told my mom on the phone, she was very happy and emotional, and kept apologizing for tearing up, but I assured her it was way better than her saying "Neat. Gotta go watch Matlock now."

At any rate, we're stoked, and our family and friends are stoked, so this is going to be one well-loved baby by the time s/he makes an appearance in about 6 months - which will be in New Zealand, as we're still having a blast here and are entitled to free maternity and baby care (very budget-friendly). Should be good times :)